Increase Engagement through Augmented Reality

The eXpoReality mobile application augments the traditional trade show passport game providing an entertaining experience that will make your meeting memorable.

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Why eXpoReality?

"Sometimes we think video games are just games for kids, and then once they get out of grammar school or high school, they never play again, but that's when they really start playing." - John Madden

Save Time Money and Trees

Easy to implement, efficient, and environmentally friendly! Simply set the game up online and email a link. No time or money is spent printing and distributing passport cards that end up in the trash.

Give Exhibitors Data

Exhibitors of all sizes can see who visited their booths and when. Combined with badge scans and notes, they can see exactly how many leads they get in return for participating. Show them the ROI!

Gamify Attendee Experience

Mobile apps like Snapchat and Pokémon Go demonstrate the power augmented reality has to add a thrilling layer to the user experience. Bring that interactivity and excitement to your trade show.


"The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want." - George Lucas

Augmented Reality Game

eXpoReality is a treasure hunt. Players visit booths, point their mobile camera at targets to reveal hidden objects and tap the screen to collect.

Real Time Scoring

The game is simple, collect all the objects on the list. eXpoReality keeps track of which objects have been collected and which are missing.

Customized Interaction

Exhibitors have the option to customize both the target and the hidden object, as well as whether conversation is required to reveal the target.

Valuable Traffic Data

Rather than simply driving traffic, eXpoReality monitors who visited where and when and provides that information back to the exhbitors.

General FAQ

"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." - Bruce Lee

The app is free to download and use. The price for an exhibitor to participate is set by the sponsoring organization of the trade show that is using eXpoReality. Additional services, such as custom development of 3D objects for the game, are billed at the time of each reuqest.

The sponsoring organization generally offers a raffle or giveaway for attendees who complete their passport. Also, it's cool tech that people want to play with once they see others using it.

If you've been invited to participate as an exhibitor, your trade show manager will have sent you a link to a sign up page for your trade show. You will need to visit that page to join. They may have also included a link to this page to provide you with additional information, but the other link in the invitation will allow you to join eXpoReality for your trade show.

No. As a meeting attendee - and eXporReality "player" - your interface is through the mobile application. You can reset your password using the login page on this website or through the mobile application, but you can not log in to the website to view your activity.


"You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality." - Pablo Picasso

Now Available at:

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With decades of experience in live events, marketing, development and game design, the BundlAR team has everything covered to support your event.

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John Martin

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Matt Wren

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Zach Martin

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